HammerHeddWe are now at 1.12. Also, I am doing a plugin housecleaning, so if you log on and really wish there was as plugin for such and such, let me know!
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HammerHeddThere server has been updated to 1.11! Enjoy!
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HammerHeddApologies for the downtime. It looks like our ISP updated our IP address, and DynDNS didn't pick it up. I forced a reload, and it looks like we are back!
HammerHeddWe might just be back online. Many things have happened, so please let me know if there are problems. Yes, pretty much everyone was wiped, so it is a whole new world [queue song]
HammerHeddThe server is down temporarily as we move to a new house. Sorry for the downtime... With luck the electrical work will be completed soon and everything will be back to normal.
HammerHeddI've brought the old world back up for anyone who wants to move their buildings - Blaq, this one's for you!
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HammerHeddToday is the day! We are upgrading to 1.8.


If you are missing any items (or buildings!) let me know. I have the backup and can move your items to the new version.

>there is no need to ragequit<
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